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Revision Revolution: The Tassomai Methodology

If you have important exams coming up in the summer, the standard method of revision is to first think about revising (usually for a month or two) and then, in the Easter holidays, to spend hours and hours staring at text books, futilely rewriting notes, doing past papers and, if you can afford it, having as many hours of private tuition as you can stomach.  Unsurprisingly, this is not the best way....

An interesting piece of research confirmed for us at Tassomai something that we always believed to be the case – though it’s nice to hear it from a professor of psychology, John Dunlovsky:http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-22565912#

His team analysed the 10 most common methods of revision and found that most were next to useless; that when it came to it, there are only two essential approaches to revision:

  1. Spread it out over as long a period of time as you can (i.e. START NOW) and do it at frequent and regular intervals;
  2. Test yourself over and over again with flashcards.

As it happens, that is how Tassomai works, based on our own independent research and experience over the years in helping countless young people learn the facts and processes that they require to ace their exams.

In attempting to come up with the perfect formula for learning material effectively, we wanted to avoid the ‘magic bullet’ idea that you see so often: “this brilliant trick helps you learn 500 pages in 500 seconds” etc.  As Prof. Dunlovsky says, the more intensively you cram information, the more rapidly you are liable to forget it.

Tassomai spreads out all your revision evenly from the date of registration until the day of your exam and it organizes all your subjects and topics to make sure everything gets covered evenly.  Our ‘little and often’ approach puts the responsibility – and the reward – in the hands of the student; through daily practice, our students achieve astonishing results that often begin to show after only a few days’ use.  As echoed in Dunlovsky’s research, we have found that this regular practice, intermixing various different topics within a range of subjects (rather than bingeing on just one thing) is key, so that has become central to our method.

As far as the second point - 'test yourself on flashcards' - goes, this is the quintessential part of how Tassomai works: when practising a sports skill or a musical instrument, you don’t just watch others play, nor do you solely listen to your coach talking about the theory of the game.  What you must do, clearly, is engage yourself in the task, take part, make mistakes and self-correct.  Let others guide you, by all means, but you yourself must do the real work of perfecting your skills.  Revision and knowledge-building is no different: Tassomai is the coach, but you are the one who makes the improvements in yourself - it has all the facts you need as flashcard-style questions that implant knowledge in your brain and build a holistic understanding of the material.  Based on your responses, Tassomai assesses your knowledge and and fills in any bits you don’t understand… then it makes sure you know it. 

So many students waste hours staring at textbooks and websites, highlighting the bits they don’t know and failing to really absorb the information (Dunlovsky mentions that in his research, this technique appeared to hinder, not help).  Many others waste hours doing exam papers without getting the immediate feedback they need to correct their misunderstandings.  Yet more have a private tutor come to their house to demonstrate how things should be done but, again, do not give themselves the chance to try, fail, correct, try again and improve.  Frequently these various methods paper over the cracks rather than address the fundamental building blocks of the knowledge that a required to really master a subject.

With Tassomai, you do the work, you cover the subject completely from the foundations, you make the mistakes and learn from them; soon you find that you cannot make the mistake again.  It is the most effective, rigorous and complete method for revision – and it’s ready for you to get started.

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Client Testimonials


Just wanted to let you know that E*** did very well in both his papers, passing both to interview stage.  He recently got 80% in a science test and his mental maths papers consistently come out at 80% plus. So we are delighted with his progress to date.

French next!  We are on half term this week, perhaps after we can add some French vocab?

Thanks for your help,

Kind regards,




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